For development of the world,the dialectical relationship between time and space is a timeless topic.The aesthetics of space during history of China, often could be proved from the structure of the multiplicity.While the one-dimensionality of time,leaving its mark on the form of time and space.

Throughout the development of the decoration category and context, the demarcation line is never simple, clear,universe and standard no matter how to divide of time.Looking from the decoration of civilization development, the time leads us in walking lengthways, the space leads our sight in seeing horizontally.

Interior design is the topic which is related closely to history, culture, technology and art. While, the meaning of modern architectural decoration is changing all the time according to the change of design concept and material technology, expanding and developing constantly. These all need us to  explore,learn,communicate and summarize constantly.

Interior design's market in China has great potential that has fierce competition also. Decai Decoration was just born in such a great time.

Decai Decoration always adheres to the design concept People-oriented, the principle of good quality, management efficiently and innovation, and best. Decai has always maintained a leading position and fashion industry in the field, strive to innovate and develop for bringing more beautiful environment and spaces.

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