Decai Decaoration Company limited was established in 1999, which has developped rapidly  since 2005. Decai Decoration co. ltd focuses on the architectural decoration project and  construction, seeking ways to provide specialized services such as cost,  design,consultation,etc. to clients. Moreover, the company successes to make the top 14  architectural decoration industry in China.

After 10 years of development, Decai Decoration has already emerged as an well-known and  leading enterprise in architectural decoration industry in China. The company has become the  only one which is equipped with Ten National Grade A Design Certificate,including  professional decoration construction contract Grade,construction decoration engineering  design Grade,curtain wall decoration in buildings professional contractor Grade, Building  curtain wall in engineering design Grade, Steel Structure Engineering Grade, design of  ancient courtyards in engineering contracting Grade, Electrical and mechanical equipment  installation engineering in professional contractor Grade,Intelligent building project in   design-construction integration Grade,Security technology to prevent engineering design and  construction Grade.

Decai Decoration has 17 branch offices in China, which covers the Northern region(Beijing ,  Tianjin and Hebei),the northeastern region(Shenyang and Dalian),the Eastern region (Shanghai,Jian and Anhui),the central region(Hubei and Hunan),the northwest region (Neimeng,Shanxi,Ningxia,Gansu and Xinjiang),the southwestern region(Chongqing, Guizhou,Xicang and Qinghai),Shandong Province(Qingdao,Jijan,etc.).

In 2013, Decai Decaoration Company limited won the honour of the 14th position of  Architectural decoration of Top 100 enterprises in China, the 10th position of Architectural  decoration in green design of Top 50 enterprises in China, the 26th position of  Architectural Curtain Wall industry of Top 100 enterprises. Also, the company has been  awarded the National Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness, the Informatization construction  decoration industry of advanced company in China,One of the Top 10 Decoration enterprises in  Shandong Province in China, outstanding enterprise in Architectural decoration industry in  Shandong Province, One of the most 10 competitive private enterprises in Qingdao, etc.

By the end of 2014, the company has more than 600 employees. Today the company has several  divisions,such as Department of Curtain Wall,Design Institute,intelligent office,High- tech industry ,etc. Decai Decoration has a domestic professional group of 150 designers. In  2012, Decai Decoration set up branch in London,Britain, which was named DC-HD Design  Company. It has more than 130 excellent international designers,and success in expanding  business into the international market.

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