DC-HD Design Institute:
In 2012, Decai Decoration Company Limted established DC-HD Design Institute in the City of Design-London,Britain. DC-HD owns the international first-class designer team, which has high popularity In the world. Decai Decoration expand business successfully to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other international markets. undertaking a variety of design projects sucha as city planning,  residential design, landscape design,  large public space design and hotel design. 

The design range of DC - HD design institute is from the urban planning to construction factory products. The design company establishes a good reputation in developers and clients.The current company is under construction now, which includes the projects of residential design,  large complex public spaces and hotel projects in Europe and other countries all over the world.

The company has many designer and staff who have unique imagination and creativity. They treat every project as a unique art work, and match the requirement of time, place and requirement.

This is the masterpiece that comes from of communication between Chinese and British design. The concept of DC-HD is to mix an combine international and domestic resources together, selecting the essence and to apply it to projects.

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