Introduction of Decai ancient courtyard Company 

Decai ancient courtyard Company is the one engaged in the ancient building design and construction, including  ancient architecture and gardens,ancient buildings repaird,temples,pavilions,Waterside pavilion promenade,garden ornaments and pseudo-classic architecture. We have outstanding achievement, and has won the recognition and praise from all sectors of society.

The company has outstanding landscape team,technology development team,marketing team and  construction team.Strong technical strength and rich experience in garden project make company get high reputation in the industry association.

Within ten years, the company undertakes the national key cultural relics protection units,National temple restoration project in Chongqing,Zhenjiang jinshan temple decoration engineering of national key cultural relics protection units,National key cultural relics protection unit called Laizhou YunFeng Mountain project, which makes company obtainthe national building decoration engineering quality award.

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