Decai Decoration Company Limited was established in 1999, which has developed rapidly since 2005.Mainly engaged in architecural decoration design and construction, providing cost, design, consulting and other professional services to the customers.

As a member of Decai Decoration Company Limited, the Curtain Wall Company mainly engaged in design of Curtain wall and door and window,budget,construction and technology development,developed a variety of curtain wall and doors and windows with superior performance. For example, stick-system curtain wall,stone curtain wall,metal panel curtain wall,point-supported curtain wall,unit-typed curtain wall,Energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows,and other kinds of curtain wall,doors&windows.

Our company has strong capabilities and strength. The company has finished many projects in major cities in China, most of which become landmark buildings in the city.

The company raises technology of curtain wall constantly in order to adapt to the development and changes of the market. It sets a good brand image through continuous technological innovation and brand optimization as well.That makes our company become the best in the field.

In the future, Decai curtain Wall Company will actively comply with the trend of the development of curtain wall industry in China.The aime is to achieve energy saving, intelligent, environmental protection, green and other high-end curtain wall,doors and windows, to accelerate the development of corporate goals.

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