Introduction of interior engineering company

Interior engineering company is responsible for auditing construction plan of projects,schedule execution, constructional quality of engineering,safety management control, etc.

Contents of the work including:
A. management of project execution
1. According to the management requirements of company plan, organize the implementation and tracking,give feedback of schedule of project construction.
2. Organize and research standard rule of project development for calculating the time limit,get result of each progress,plan the process template, establish  operating index system which meets the requirements of the company.
3. Organize the company to visit and check projects regularly.

B. supervision management of engineering quality
1. Organize to set up progress of project quality checking standard files,standardization documents of project management,evaluation standard of project management, to guide and supervise the implementation of project.
2. Organize assessment of capacity of engineering management regularly.
3. Responsible for project safety management,Supervise, guide and assesssafety management of project.

C.knowledge management
1. Organize the process of project development,refine various kinds of key indicators.Report the data as required.
2. Organize meeting for sharing experience regularly in order to accumulate and form the professional knowledge and teaching library.
3. To assist human resources arrangement of each department.
4. Organize the meeting for sharing various professional experience regularly.Enhance the level of the company's professional ability and project operation ability.

1. To assist the company human resources committee for completing the project.
2. Assist to develop recruitment of project engineering and technical personnel.Provide human resources support for company.

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