Decai backbone

成本部  丛红

I'm the key employee in Decai

Department of Cost -Cong,Hong

How time flies.

The year of 2014, is an extraordinary year for me, which is also an important turning point of my life.Looking back over the past half a year , especially after being the company backbone,  recall past, deep feeling is quite much.

In general I have the following experience:
1.Never be choosers in work, obey the arrangement of leadership. Working cautious and conscientiously.
2.To be the business leaders.
3.To be the big sister in life.
4.To constantly improve my comprehensive quality.
Thanks to the company to provide a good platform, I feel proud of being a good person.

信息部   史茂华

I'm the key employee in Decai

Department of IT -Shi,Maohua

Attended the company training classes, I feel great harvest.Firstly I want to say thank you, thank you for my company and my colleagues.As the backbone of company during this period of time, I have widened the field of vision.

 I would like to share with you the following 3 points:
1.enterprise culture. Through the talking of Director Wang, I recognize the company again.
2.Stress & Mood Management.
3.career attitude.Working is life, life is the work.
Only by constantly learning and constantly charging, people will not be eliminated by the society.

总工室   董飞飞

I'm the key employee in Decai

Department of HR -Dong,Feifei

DE, it is a moral quality. Cai, it is a talent ability. Only have the broad thought rich foundation strong adaptability and have both ability and political integrity could the employees meet the demand for market economy.Our company organizes regular technical training activities every year, and also provides training on requirements of customers.We are going to study not only improve work skills, we must cultivate their moral character as well.

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