Social Welfare | The 3rd “Decai Scholarship” Award Ceremony Held at Ocean University of China
Published:2019-12-19      Posted by: Decai Decoration
Decai makes efforts to deliver welfare and assist students fulfill their dreams. On December 19, 2019, the 3rd “Decai Scholarship” Award Ceremony was held in Laoshan Campus of Ocean University of China. Ye Decai, Chairman of Decai Decoration, Tian Huina, Vice President of Decai Decoration, Wang Jianmin, Chief Accountant of Ocean University of China and President of Education Foundation attended the ceremony and presented awards to 20 winners of Ocean University of China. 

On the ceremony, Chairman Ye Decai congratulated the students winning the 3rd “Decai Scholarship”, and hoped that they would stick to their targets and beliefs, be brave to shoulder responsibility as young people, be down-to-earth, seize the opportunity, and pursue their dreams under the context of the Chinese Dream. With its growth in scale, Decai Decoration also assumes the corporate social responsibility, attaches more importance to the talents, and opens its door to the outstanding students from Ocean University of China.  

As one of the leading enterprises in Chinese building decoration industry, during 2016-2017, Decai Decoration ranked 7th in the industry of national building decoration, 7th in the industry of national building decoration design, and 8th in the industry of curtain wall. In addition, Decai Decoration also won the 5th Qingdao Mayor Quality Award and honorary title of Top 100 Qingdao Enterprises and Top 100 Qingdao Private Enterprises, was included in the Top 30 Construction Enterprises in Shandong in 2017 and 2018, and has undertaken many landmark projects including the venues of 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2018 SCO Qingdao Summit, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport, and Qingdao Metro. 

Wang Jianmin, Chief Accountant of Ocean University of China and President of Education Foundation, expressed gratitude towards Decai Decoration for their support, and highly appreciated their actions of shouldering enterprises’ social responsibilities and supporting education. He briefly introduced the construction and development of the school in recent years and said that the school is facing great opportunity of prosperous development. He said that “Decai Scholarship” represents not only recognition of and support for Ocean University of China, but also encouragement and expectation for the students. He hoped that Ocean University of China and Decai Decoration would deepen mutual cooperation and strive forward hand in hand. He encouraged these award-winning students to cherish the awards, be grateful and study hard to seek excellence. 

Liu Zhaofang, Secretary General of Education Foundation of Ocean University of China and Li Xiuguang, Deputy Director of Students Affairs Office, attended the ceremony. 

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