Warmly congratulate the establishment and opening ceremony of Shandong Decai Construction Co. , Ltd.
Published:2021-09-18      Posted by: Decai Decoration

On August 25th, 2021,Shandong Decai Construction Co., Ltd wasestablished.

The secretary of the Party Group andDirector of Jinan Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Chen Yong; Director ofShandong Construction Industry Association, Liu Yong; Chairman of Jinan Railway Transit Group Co., Ltd, Chen Sibin; Vice Governorof Lixia District, Yang Kejian; Leader of Jinan Decoration Association, WangHaitao; Secretary of Wangsheren Rd in Licheng District, Gao Hengxin; Chairmanof Decai Group, Ye Decai, some main leaders from housing and urban-ruraldevelopment of Jinan, Jinan investment promotion bureau, Wangsheren Rdgovernment, Jinan railway transit group Co., Ltd, and main leaders Wang Zhenxi,Sun Xiaolei, Tian Huina, Zhang Libin, Wu Xiaowei from Decai Group attended theopening ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mr. Chen Yong, secretary of the Party Group and Director of Jinan Housingand Urban-Rural Development, Yang Kejian, Deputy District Director ofLicheng District, Chen Sibin, Chairman of Jinan railway transit group Co., Ltd,and Ye Decai, Chairman of Decai Group, gave speeches respectively, expressingsincere wishes for the establishment of Shandong Decai Construction Co., Ltd. ‘We hope Shandong Decai Construction Co., Ltd will take thisestablishment ceremony as the starting point, always adhere to the core valuesof "unity, integrity," continue on exploring and striving, open up anew chapter, and make Shandong Decai Construction Co., Ltd into a moderncomprehensive architectural decoration enterprise. Deeply cultivated in Jinan,radiated around, based in Shandong.

Shandong Decai Construction co., LTD isa powerful allience of Jinan Rail Transit Group and Decai Group, and hasobtained grade A qualification of architectural decoration construction andGrade A qualification of design. Shandong Decai takes Jinan Rail Transit Groupas the platform, get help from the IPO listing, relies on the popularity andinfluence of Decai Group in the industry, gives full play to the brandadvantage, based on Jinan, deeply cultivate in Jinan, and makes greatercontributions to the urban construction and development of Jinan by usingadvanced management experience and technology.

Since its establishment, Decai Grouphas been attaching importance to the development of the national market, andhas set up a number of branches, covering 7 major regions of the country.Relying on Shandong Decai Construction Co., LTD., Decai Groups will continue toexpand and improve the company's business in Shandong market. The officeenvironment of Shandong Decai Construction Co., Ltd. is beautiful and full ofhumanization. Ye Decai, chairman of Decai Group, said that the company has highhopes for Shandong Decai, and hopes that all the staff of Shandong Decai canstrive for excellence and speed up the pace of growth with a new attitude andhigher requirements.

Under the strong support from Jinan government,also the mature and efficient management system of Decai Group, Shandong DecaiConstruction Co., Ltd will work hard and forge ahead continuously, takingbranding as the aim, taking market expansion as the guide, taking projectquality as the guarantee, taking economic benefits as the core value, making "Deeplycultivated Jinan, radiated around, based in Shandong province” as the goal tocreate more high-quality projects.

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