Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport Comprehensive Transportation Center, build "all-access" comprehensive transportation hub
Published:2021-09-18      Posted by: Decai Decoration

QingdaoJiaodong International Airport Transportation Center undertaken by Decai Group isthe first non-transfer comprehensive transportation center integrating airport,high-speed rail, subway and public transportation in China. With a totalconstruction area of 200,000 square meters, it is mainly used for high-speedrail and subway connection and has functions of public transportation andbusiness services. The goal was to reach Qingdao in one hour and major citieson the Shandong peninsula in 1.5 hours. Decai Group mainly undertook the decorationof transportation center and curtain wall part.

DecaiGroup decoration team undertook a number of functional areas including businesscenter, transfer hall, corridor, transfer atrium, commercial atrium, officearea and so on. The decoration team, adhering to the "economic,ecological, environmental protection, science and technology" concept ofdecoration, using a large number of white paint plasterboard condole top,imitation wood grain yellow marble, cream-colored floor tile, wood grain coloraluminum machine, punching aluminous gusset plate of white aluminum plate,white, white linen granite and other decorative materials, highlights theairport luxury, simple, unique, generous decoration style Make passengers feelmore comfortable and pleasant.

Theceiling of the transfer atrium of the comprehensive transportation center isnovel and unique in design, complicated in shape and surface changes, andhighly difficult in construction technology, which is the key and difficultpoint of the project. The project team used GRG (pre-cast glass fiberreinforced gypsum board), aluminum plate, aluminum vertical sheet, transparentsoft film light box and other materials, and combined aluminum board andaluminum veneer to form arc aluminum ceiling, to ensure the neat and smoothceiling. For the cylindrical wall, the project team ensured the smooth,straight, neat and clean white aluminum plate by measuring, laying out,positioning and installation. In the installation of stainless-steel glassguardrail, the project team strictly in accordance with the requirements of thenational specifications, the elastic material between the glass and the rigidpoint is padded, so that the guardrail is firmly fixed. In the commercialatrium, the project team used curved parquet tiles to make the atrium spacemore flexible, vivid and interesting, perfectly fulfilling the quality effectof a comprehensive transportation center.

Thecurtain wall project team of Decai Group undertook the construction of curtainwall project of comprehensive transportation center and parking building. Theproject team used a large number of glass curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtainwall and other new energy-saving and environmental protection materials in theconstruction, the glass curtain wall uses low-radiation hollow coated temperedglass, fully meet the airport energy saving, noise reduction, sound insulationand other environmental requirements. The project team carried out theconstruction of curtain wall steel skeleton strictly in accordance with thespecifications and drawing requirements, and adopted u-shaped aluminum alloygrille in the north facade canopy to create a flowing and elegant architecturaleffect of the comprehensive transportation center. In order to broaden thevision, the project team used hollow laminated toughened glass in the curtainwall construction, creating a firm and stable effect.

Inthe working process of the comprehensive transportation center of BIM, abilityand political integrity in using BIM technology modeling and guide theconstruction and management all the way, and carries on the reasonable layoutin the form of dynamic, comprehensive transportation center for the elaboratingmanagement, information management provide powerful technical support and datasupport, find out the optimal arrangement scheme, effectively improve theprofessional docking, installation scheme control efficiency.

Duringthe construction of the project, Decai Fine decoration and curtain wall projectteam took responsibility in facing difficulties, stayed true to the originalintention, forged ahead, strictly implemented the deployment arrangements, andactively solved the problems of interface intersection and process interlacing.At the same time, the project team focused on epidemic prevention and control,and on the resumption of work and production, carefully arranged,scientifically organized, and strictly followed the technical steps andmeasures of construction. Safety was implemented group by group, and qualitywas ensured, which was praised and affirmed by the client.

Under the strong support of the leadership of theclient, the project team of Decai Group carefully formulated the constructionplan, made meticulous preparations, strictly controlled the constructionschedule and quality, and effectively ensured the of the project under the difficultiesof tight schedule, heavy task. In the future, Decai Group will continue touphold the core values of "integrity depends on Virtue, quality depends ontalent", and create more unique and charming high-quality projects andlivelihood projects with innovative design, first-class quality, high-qualityservice and efficient management.

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