Decai shares were highly rated, customers to award the flag
Published:2021-09-26      Posted by: Decai Decoration

On the afternoon of September 3, 2021, the GeneralManager of Chengfa Investment Group Qisheng Company, Yin Fengjie; manager ofChangjiang Ruicheng Project, Wang Baoshan; director of fine decoration department,Lu Yanming was entrusted by Chengfa Investment Group went to Decai Building toaward the banner and commend the company's enterprise management and projectmanagement. General Manager Yin Fengjie awarded a banner embroidered with"Professional and pragmatic, dedicated and responsible" to TheChangjiang Ruicheng Fine Decoration Project Department of Decai Group,expressing his high recognition of their professional rigor, seriousness andresponsibility, safety prevention, site management, construction quality andother aspects in the whole project construction process. Ye Decai, chairman ofDecai, Pei Wenjie, Wang Yongfeng and Tang Yongxiang, project manager of Decai,attended the flag-awarding ceremony and accompanied the discussion.

Yin Fengjie, general manager of Qisheng Company of Chengfa InvestmentGroup, visited the company's exhibition hall, design institute and other officeareas, and then held a discussion meeting with Chairman Ye Decai and companyexecutives. During the meeting, Ye Decai welcomed the group of Yin Fengjie,introduces the development of company, business layout, engineeringperformance, technology research and development, future planning, strategy andso on. Then he introduced the achievements of the company in the field ofarchitectural decoration.

As the first domestic A-share listed construction enterprise in ShandongProvince, the staff of Decai Group always adhere to the core values of"integrity and virtue, quality and talent" to undertake projectdesign, construction and other work.

The decorates building area of Changjiang River project is 58000 squaremeters. At the beginning, the project team of Decai Group focused on creatingthe Changjiang River Ruicheng boutique housing with high-standard design style,elaborate interior decoration and strict construction standards, making everypart of quality become the indoor standard.

In the process of construction, the project team stand in the angle ofcustomers, take the initiative to solve the construction process, technicaldifficulties, effectively ensure the quality of project decoration, after morethan six months hard work in day and night, finally completed successfully andperfectly. We received highly praised from Chengfa Investment Group, and thetwo companies will further deepen cooperation on this basis in the future.

In the future, Decai Group will further take advantage of the wholeindustry chain of architectural decoration, sum up the successful experience,make persistent efforts to become bigger and stronger enterprise, achieve thesustainable, rapid and steady development of the company, and create more high-qualityprojects.

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