Strengthening the education of incorruptness and building the defense line of incorruptness
Published:2021-10-11      Posted by: Decai Decoration

Inorder to carry out party history study, strengthen the construction of partyand clean government, On August 27, the CPC Decai Decoration Co., LTD committee(referred to as Decai Group Party Committee) under the guidance of LaoshanDistrict Commission for discipline inspection, organized the Party committeeand members into laoshan district clean government education base- DaolianCulture hall, accept the clean government culture.

Underthe guidance of the guide, the members of the Party Committee of Decai Groupvisited the three exhibition halls of "The Way ofMoral Integrity", "the Scourge of Corruption" and "the Roadto Self-cultivation". We learnt aThrough screen projection, interactivemultimedia, sound and light, VR technology and other flexible displayexperience.

Inthe Exhibition hall of The The Way of Moral Integrity, Zhuangzi and other Daoistcelebrities, as well as the representative deeds of laoshan Daoist figures, wecan experience the elements of Laoshan from Daoist classics, laoshan couplets,stone carvings and other literary works. In the lotus pond, a symbol oflaoshan's cultural values of "public, simple, good, governance,simplicity, modesty, repair and respect", eight lotus flowers were in fullbloom. Everyone stopped to listen to the explanation of laoshan's Daolianculture. In the chapter of "The Scourge of corruption", we watchedthe typical cases of violation of discipline and law in Qingdao and Laoshandistrict through interactive touch screen, deeply felt the pertination andappeal of warning education, and once again sounded the alarm of preventingcorruption and degeneration. Finally, in the exhibition hall of "The Roadto Self-cultivation", we reviewed the pledge of party membership and tooka collective oath.

Throughthis learning activity, Decai Group party committee team members deeplybaptism, they will always keep in mind the purpose of the Party, consciouslyabide by the provisions of honesty and self-discipline, promote honesty spirit,and advocate honesty.

Whenthe Party is strong, enterprises are strong, and when the Party is prosperous,enterprises are prosperous. Since its establishment, The Party Committee ofDecai Group has comprehensively deepened strict party governance, continuouslystrengthened the construction of party conduct and clean government, activelyorganized various branches to carry out thematic party building studyactivities with different themes, and strengthened thematic education for partymembers. The Party Committee of the company organized a number of activitiessuch as visiting the Party History Memorial Hall of the Communist Party ofChina in Qingdao, visiting the Planning exhibition hall, studying the Partyspirit education of "Staying true to the original aspiration and keepingthe mission firmly in mind" in Jinggang Mountain of Jiangxi province,visiting the Memorial Hall of the The Sino-Japanese War, planting green treesand fire prevention in Fushan Mountain.

In2021, centering on the centenary of the founding of the Party, The PartyCommittee of Decai Group actively organized celebration activities and speciallearning and education activities with the theme of "Striving for theCentenary and Starting a New Journey", guiding party members to carryforward the ‘red’ tradition and inherit the ‘red’ gene, inspiring morale andclarifying the direction with the party's history and great achievements, andeffectively transforming learning results into working power.

Throughthis clean government education activity, The Party Committee of Decai Groupfurther education and remind party members to take history as a mirror, to takecase as a warning, to be careful, cautious in working, to set up the right viewof power and values, further build the ideological and moral defense line, atthe same time to achieve the great Chinese dream to contribute our ownstrength.

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