Sheep Hunting in Alaska Tony Russ

... is the new reference book for Dall sheep hunters. In addition to the material from the first edition, this edition also contains extensive instruction on getting into "sheep shape," advice on the newest footwear, clothing, gear and food for the weight-conscious hunter. The latest adaptations of sheep to increased hunting pressure and the newest strategies for achieving hunting success are discussed. A new section with some of the author's most memorable hunts had been added, including the story of the World Record Pope & Young Dall sheep. Anyone who hunts or wants to hunt Dall sheep should read this classic. Your safety, comfort and success will be improved by reading what this renowned author/hunter/professional guide has to say. -256 pages, 112 photos, 3 illustrations, 3 charts, 


2nd Edition

2nd Edition
Signed, Limited Edition HARDBACK,  $29.95

1st Edition
Softcover only

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1... WHY HUNT SHEEP 11 The Ram. Providing. A Trophy. The Challenge. Escape.

Chapter 2... SHEEP SHAPE 17 Cardio Respiratory Conditioning. Strength. Flexibility and Agility. Stamina. Pain, Injuries and Therapy. You Are What You Eat. Water Requirements. Water Quality. Testing Gear.

Chapter 3... FOOTWEAR AND CLOTHING 43 Footwear. Socks. Foot Medicine. Clothing. Raingear. Tony’s Brand-Name Footwear and Clothing.

Chapter 4... BACKPACKING GEAR 69 Backpacks. Tents. Sleeping Bags. Stoves. Cookware. Water Containers. Climbing Poles. First Aid. Etc. Organization. Camouflage. Tony’s Brand-Name Gear.

Chapter 5... WEAPONS AND OPTICS 91 Firearms. Archery Equipment. Optics.

Chapter 6... FOOD FOR THE HIGH COUNTRY 103 Nutritional Needs. Calories per Ounce. Freeze-Dried Foods. Pasta. Ready-to-Eat Foods. Drinks. Wild Foods. Supplements. Packaging.


Chapter 7... SHEEP BEHAVIOR 117 Population Dynamics. Social Behavior Patterns. Defenses.  Feeding Habits. Resting Habits. Seasonal Movements. Lifetime Habits, Movements.

Chapter 8... HUNTING STRATEGIES 137 Basics for the Hunter. Basics of the Hunt. The Approach–From Above or Below? Trojan Sheep. Bowhunting. Timing of the Hunt. Transportation.

Chapter 9... CARE OF MEAT AND TROPHIES 163 Skinning. Meat and Horns. Quality Care. Preserving the Trophy.

Chapter 10... A TROPHY SHEEP 171 Legal Rams. Record-Book Rams. Field Judging.

Chapter 11... WHERE TO HUNT 185 Information Sources. FNAWS. Dall Sheep

Management in Alaska. Brooks Range. Alaska Range. Tanana/Yukon Uplands.

Kenai Mts. Talkeetna Mts. Chugach Mts. Wrangell Mts. What do YOU Want?

Chapter 12... MEMORABLE SHEEP HUNTS 199 World Record Ram. Trojan Sheep Hunt. To the Limit...and Beyond. The Five-Hunt Ram. Her First Hunt. My Number Came Up–Again.


Index... 241

Appendix... 247

Boone and Crockett Sheep Scoring Form.

Range of Dall Sheep in Alaska. Gear Checklist.

Alaskan Art. Other titles from Northern Publishing.



 Sheep hunting in alaska

Reader Comments:

"I just finished your book ..... was blown away at all the information you packed into 250+ pages! It was a great reading experience, that did nothing but intensify my desire to hunt Dall in Alaska . .... I truly enjoyed and learned so much from your book."

Rob Anderson,
Keller, Texas - February 2006

- UPDATED -"It is a must have for any sheep hunter ... If you have any new books on the market, please let me know. as I am a grateful and loyal reader!" - August 2009

"...for nearly the past four years you have been a true inspiration to me. Your penmanship, artwork, and the fact you have hurdled the leaps and bounds associated with sheep hunting leave me in awe. At only 26 years old, I only hope I have a fraction of the success you have had over the years."

"I received my Winter 2002 RAM magazine yesterday and saw your ad for your up and coming books. Although I think you need very little luck, I do wish you the best with them. I cannot wait to get my copies."

-Jim Urban - 2002

"Your book was short, incisive, and to the point."

"...terrific common sense and easy to read, too."

" ...I have read your book twice, and am thrilled at the wealth of experience and information that you have so freely shared. Thanks!"

-Marc Taylor

"Without your book, it [my hunt] had the potential to be a disaster. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge and for emphasizing safety. I’m sure many others have benefited as I have."

-Terry Miller

"Between the covers lies as much sound information as you will ever find in a sheep hunting book. ...He [Tony Russ] is well versed on hunting techniques and the latest in equipment. If you are, or hope to be, a Dall sheep hunter this title is a must. This book with 12 chapters is filled with information for the beginner and expert alike."

-Duncan Gilchrist

"As for more feedback, what I liked about your "Sheep Hunting in Alaska" book was the depth that you went into in the topics you never read about in magazines, but plays such an important part of hunting. Examples would be your discussion of exercise and nutrition. I also like the way you describe what you look for in clothes, packs or tents, and then list the brands you have found work for you. This is the reason I ordered the Alaska Clothing book and your Successful Hunting book this morning. I read the excerpts on your web page, and it looked like these book were written in a similar format with the same attention to detail. Let's face if, if a person is going to invest the time and money to torture their body in the attempt to get within shooting range of a sheep, they must be dedicated and detail oriented. And this information not readily available to those of us in the Lower 48. I have read your book so many times in the past month you would not believe me if I told you. And I liked the Wilson sheep book I bought from you as well. It was not a "how to", but it was a very interesting read and I loved the history aspect of the Alaskan sheep hunting industry. I am eagerly awaiting your books on moose and bear hunting in Alaska.

-Marc Stokeld

...Anyway, this letter is in THANKS for your book (Sheep Hunting in Alaska) which I have nearly worn the covers off from. I truly appreciate the time and effort you've put into it, and for someone like me, its, a bible. We went from 10" and snow to 50' and everything in between and the clothing and prep work you suggested worked great. I did have a head start physically because I'm a timber feller but it seemed like everything else just fell into place. People like you who share their knowledge are a grace to those who seek it! Thank you so very much. -Wayne Blagden

"There’s no question about which book covers the topic the best: Tony Russ’s book Sheep Hunting in Alaska (2nd Edition) is the bible on the topic. Make sure you buy the second edition. This is a must-have book for hunting Dall Sheep." - Bruce L. "Buck" Nelson

Your book has been a great source of information for me and I appreciate your thorough response to my e-mail. I’ll let you know how it all goes and what I think of the gear I’ve used from your suggestions in the book."

- Don Ledbetter 3/2005

"Just wanted to say I read and re-read your sheep hunting 2nd edition book prior to/during my first sheep hunt last August in the Brooks Range. Can't begin to tell you how valuable3 the book was and has been, from planning the hunt up to and during the hunt...left some food behind and packed the book in 10 miles! Got a fine ram! Then gave the book to another hunter heading out from Fork Yukon. Just and excellent resource and read. I can't wait to get another copy of it. Am heading back to the Brooks Range again this's in the blood now. Only wish I'd started when I was 20.

- Greg Killinger


- Howard Delo - January 1, 2006 - Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman - Outdoors in Alaska

..... asked if I could recommend some good books about hunting in Alaska and about living here. Several of the books which came to mind have a little about both, so I started mentioning some authors and titles...... a couple of these books I have reviewed in previous columns and Casey Ressler, the Frontiersman Valley Life editor, has reviewed a couple others.

I started out by mentioning Tony Russ, his books, and his publishing company located in Wasilla. The first Tony Russ book I read, The Manual for Successful Hunters, is the best pure Alaska hunting how-to book I have ever seen. He provides tips and suggestions based on his own hunting experiences and writes in a very easy-to-read style. I mentioned his Sheep Hunting in Alaska (get the second edition), and his Bear Hunting in Alaska books also. I have read the sheep hunting books (both editions) and have the bear hunting book as the next one on my books-to-be-read pile. I also mentioned Rich Hackenberg's book Moose Hunting in Alaska, also published by Russ.

For summer 2002 issue of WILD SHEEP submitted May 27, 2002
by Duncan Gilchrist

Tony Russ has completely rewritten and expanded his classic Dall sheep hunting book SHEEP HUNTING IN ALASKA. This 6x9 format book has been expanded to 256 pages with a most impressive collection of black and white photographs. Tony has spent a lifetime as a serious Dall sheep hunter and guide. Tony holds the distinction of having killed the World's Record Number One Dall ram with a bow. His expert advice is valuable for the experienced hunter as well as for the beginning Dall sheep hunter.

The only negative comment that can be made about the first edition is his lack of mentioning specific brands of equipment. The 2nd edition gets right down to the nitty gritty of 'hat to buy.

The following are reviews from the Amazon website:


Sheep Hunting in Alaska: The Dall Sheep Hunters Guide, March 9, 2003

Reviewer: Clyde A. Bullion
(Anchorage, Alaska)

Never having hunted before I moved to Alaska, I sought information from guides and shooters on whom to read for the best information on hunting Alaska. Everyone I spoke to agreed: read Tony Russ first, last, always. From how to dress ("cotton kills"), to what to carry, he covers it in an easily readable style. Having read his books before each hunt helped refine my techniques, and helped me to secure my prey on every one of my hunts. This book should be required reading of every hunter on his or her way to Alaska.

Sheep Hunting in Alaska (2nd Edition, January 16, 2003

Reviewer: George A. McCoy (Girdwood, Ak United States)

A great manual for anyone who plans to hunt dall sheep. many tricks that I am sure most quides don't use. Clear and well written it is enteraining as well as informative. I wish I had read it years ago. Tricks on using camoflage to sneak up on sheep. I am an experienced sheep hunter and I learned more from this book than I expected.

Leave The Treestand And The Beer Belly At Home!, March 16, 2006

Reviewer: Thomas M. Basch, MD (Grand Rapids, MI)

This is an outstanding book for anyone, but particularly bowhunters, planning to hunt the mountains in Alaska or northern Canada. One can get by with eastern whitetail gear on a moose hunt or caribou hunt, but in the northern mountains, it is a different game. I have hunted extensively in Alaska and Canada, so Russ' book struck home with me. Mountain hunting tactics can of course be debated endlessly, but physical preparation and gear issues for the high country are open to less discussion. There ARE do's and don'ts when it comes to outfitting oneself for sheep, goats, northern mule deer, etc. The sheer remoteness and harshness of the lands where such hunts take place demand that the bowhunter carry tested, tried, and true equipment into such environs. Tony Russ gives the hunter an exhaustively tested gear list, tells the hunter how to prepare physically, and in turn lets him or her head out with confidence.

I read this book three or four times before my first alpine hunt. I combined its information with that from a DVD on preparing to climb Mt. Rainier as well as with a few books on alpine mountaineering. I obtained much of my equipment from Barney's Outdoor Chalet in Anchorage (Barney's specializes in outfitting sheep hunters and they do ship worldwide), but also ordered from high-end military tactical suppliers (Crye Precision was my supplier for an outstanding tactical vest) and mountaineering stores, both local and on line. I used Russ' advice as a starting point, and then questioned retailers on what they stocked that fit those recommendations. In doing so, I was not disappointed. I left prepared, and returned with my tags filled.

My one caveat regarding Russ' recommendations would be to consider the plastic boots he discusses only if you cannot find a pair of Lowa or similar leather boots that fit well. The plastic boots can place extreme strain on knees and hips over days and weeks, as they lack the "give" that even stiff leather boots offer. For me, Lowa boots combined with a Gortex liner sock for use when the boot became wet worked very well. With a sheep hunt costing as much as it did, having a pair of Lowa boots wear out before a pair of plastic boots would have worn out was of little consequence.

Marc Taylor--Author, Hunting Hard...In Alaska!, December 28, 2002

Reviewer: Marcus A. Taylor
Anchorage, AK United States

Tony lets us have it all -- holding nothing back!

A hunter of Dall sheep can easily refer to this book to avoid dangerous and costly mistakes made from relying on improper equipment. Just follow the easy-to-read gear guidelines and make note of Tony's favorites when making your own purchasing/packing list.

This book is packed with information on sheep habitat and habits, giving you the knowledge necessary to be successful in pursuit of the most sought-after trophy in Alaska -- The Dall sheep!

A must for all Sheep hunters !!,

November 25, 2002

Reviewer: Carl E Brent (Wasilla Alaska)

This is a must read for all sheep hunters be they novices, experienced sheep hunters, or folks thinking of trying sheep hunting for the first time.
It's one of those books that after you read it, you'll recommend it to your friends, and buy copies for your buddies.


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